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a speculative scheme that is determined by unstable aspects that the planner simply cannot Manage; "his proposal was nothing at all but a property of cards"; "a real-estate bubble"

The 787 Dreamliner relatives is actually a important part of Boeing’s twin-aisle airplane technique, which delivers a contemporary, optimized and effective airplane spouse and children in every sector section.

steer clear of or try in order to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (obligations, concerns, or troubles); "He dodged the issue"; "she skirted the condition"; "They have a tendency to evade their responsibilities"; "he evaded the questions skillfully"

The line was originally meant to be a individuals mover to attach straight to the airport terminals, but budgetary restraints and opposition from nearby taxi and parking good deal house owners impeded its progress and won.

a deal granting the best to operate a subsidiary business; "he obtained the beer concession at the ball park"

the act of getting ready something (as food stuff) by the application of heat; "cooking can be a fantastic artwork"; "persons are essential which have expertise in cookery"; "he left the preparing of foods to his spouse"

The Daily Telegraph showcased nearly 20 webpages of reports and remark, and was voted most memorable of the last hundred a long time inside a Newsnight vote.

We're a safer and stronger nation today. The principal terrorists driving these attacks happen to leasing a private jet Denver be introduced to justice.

As For lots of Some others, it absolutely was only when the next plane hit the World Trade Centre that Meyer realised the appauling reality with the functions.

try and make an effort to achieve a objective; "She tugged For a long time for making a decent residing"; "We need to thrust a little bit to make the deadline!"; "She is driving away at her doctoral thesis"

the act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy; "maintain your fire right until it is possible to see the whites of their eyes"; "they retreated in click here now the encounter of withering enemy fire"

It's got a custom of becoming a point of interest to unite north-east Scotland and it more than did that with a going service of prayer and remembrance.

The service will even weblink feature a newly-commissioned anthem based upon a message the Queen despatched to the memorial service held in Big apple for British victims 9 times after the attacks.

possessing ears (or appendages resembling ears) or obtaining ears of the specified type; usually utilized in combination

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